What is Glastonbury Festival?

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Most of you guys obviously know what Glastonbury festival is and must have grabbed your tickets to the fest by now and ready to travel all the way to the Worthy Farms between the small villages of Pilton and Pylle in Somerset . All that’s left for you guys is to wait for the June-21,2017 the day when it all begins for real.

But their are some still out there who might be wondering what’s all the fuss about Glastonbury and what makes it so special, how come it’s different from other festivals. To you mates Glastonbury festival is the largest greenfield music and performing arts festival not just only in the country, but the world and a template for all the festivals that have come after it. The difference is that Glastonbury has all the best aspects of being at a festival in one astonishing bundle.

Where is Glastonbury festival?

Glastonbury festival is going to held at Worthy Farm near Pilton ( village situated in Somerset).

Glastonbury Festival Address :-

Worthy Farms, Pilton
United Kingdom

Directions to Glastonbury Festival:

• From London: M3 then A303 and A37.
• From the North East: A1 or M1, M25 to M3 (Junction 12), then A303 and A37.
• Midlands to Glasto Fest: Preferably M40 and A34 to A303 and A37.
• From the North West: M6, M5 to A39 (Junction 23) then A361.
• For more local traffic using the A37 North or A361 East

What makes Glastonbury festival so special?

It’s like going to another country, a hip and thrilling Brigadoon that appears every year or so. Coming to Glastonbury involves a fair amount of travel, and probably a queue to get in but, when you get past these impediments, you enter a huge tented city, a mini-state under canvas. British law still applies, but the rules of society are a bit different, a little bit freer. Everyone is here to have a wild time in their own way.

Then there are the people, thousands of them in all their astonishing and splendid diversity!There is only one common characteristic of a Glastonbury-goer – they understand that Glastonbury Festival offers them more opportunity than any other happening to have the best weekend of the year or even of a life-time, and they are determined to have it. You’ll meet all kinds of people, of all ages, backgrounds, nationalities, lifestyles, faiths, concepts of fashion (or lack of it) and musical taste. Some will undoubtedly wear silly hats, or buy shirts that they’ll never wear again… until next year, that is. The overall vibe of the Festival is consistently mellow and friendly, even in the event of rain and all that comes with rain, a field and thousands upon thousands of tramping feet.

Few more things you should know about Glastonbury festival:

Along with the paying ticket holders (more than 130,000), there are around 45,000 staff and performers. The enthusiasm is such that the Kidz Field Crew are issued with written instructions saying “if in doubt, SMILE” – a good plan for a great time.

Further down the list comes the music, theater, circus, cabaret, Kidz Field (kidz aged 12 and under are admitted free), information on how you might improve your life and the world around you.Shopping in the vast markets of over 700 stalls with their fantastic variety of clothes, crafts and food; the enlightenment, the mime artists cutting the grass with nail scissors, the mad butler with his tray of drinks, the tea ladies on tour ……

Things one shouldn’t be doing at Glastonbury festival !

It’s best not to come to Glastonbury with a head full of preconceptions and a notebook full of plans of what you want to see. If there are one or two particular bands a day you really want to see, then let your day revolve around them and go with the flow. Hurrying between stages so you can tick off a list of things you feel you must see is not the best way to enjoy Glastonbury. If you can’t get a good vantage point, or aren’t enjoying a show, move on. there’ll be something else in the next field that might just change your way of seeing the world! Often, your best memories of the Festival will be of new things that have startled you with their brilliance.

Glastonbury Festival is undoubtedly the place to spend the best times of your life!

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