Lineup Poster for The Left Field and Avalon Stage

With each passing day, organizers at the Glastonbury are revealing their plans for Glastonbury 2017. And finally in one of these moments the Avalon Stage and The Left Field revealed their lineup poster.

The Avalon Stage

The crew of The field of Avalon has promise strongest lineup than ever. And they also promise the grassy banks shimmering in the light, the shining bright sun and  a lots of flowing ale.

Finally the lineup poster of The Avalon stage:

avalon lineup poster

The Left Field

The Left field once again come up with an amazing lineup of music and debates for 2017.

The lineup poster of The Left Field:

the left field lineup poster

And this all about The Avalon Stage and the Left Field but if you want to know more about lineup and headliners have a look at our lineup section.

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