Glastonbury 2017 Revealed Kidzfield Lineup

Kidzfield is the family community at the heart of the Glastonbury Festival. Since 2017 is 23rd anniversary of the Kidzfield, they are trying to make it super awesome. And with Kidzfield lineup announcement they made pretty clear this year is going to be grand.

As always, entry of all the children aged 12 or under is free at Glastonbury Festival 2017. And also all activities within the Kidzfield  will be without charge.


All activities, shows and workshops in Kidzfield are FREE! Adults must be accompanied by a child at all times! As their motto says “It’s never too late to have a happy childhood or enable someone else’s”.

Kidzfield Lineup Poster for 2017. For more details

kidzfield lineup poster 2017

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