Glastonbury Nightlife

Glastonbury festival is unique in every way possible either it’s onstage performances  or the offstage life. The Glastonbury nightlife is nothing less than the night life of any major city and even surpass it on many levels. A number of different areas at Glastonbury offers dedicated areas for nightlife. From the norm such as a DJ in a bar to the weird and wonderful such as tribal dancers in a lost civilization.

Shangri – La

glastonbury nightlife- Shangri-La

First all comes the Shangri-La – Glastonbury’s legendary after-hour area. Exploration and discovery is an important aspect of  Shangri-la. With Interactive installations and wrap around venues, ground breaking live art and performance. Shangri-la offers epic-scale revolutionary artworks and numerous music programming to unify, inspire and engulf its audiences.

The area has a theme that will normally lasts about 3 years, slightly changing and expanding each chapter in the story. The current festival is half way through the Shangri-la Afterlife series – with 2013 being One Man’s Heaven is Another Man’s Hell. In 2013, over 1,500 crew and artists designed and built a fantastical wonderland and invited people to become inhabitants of a bizarre and brilliant film-set world.


glastonbury nightlife-block9

A 24-hour wonderland of heavyweight sound systems, underground nightclubs, huge artworks and extremely alternative performance Block9 is the heart of Glastonbury nightlife. This is the legendary go-to area, with three separate and jaw-dropping parties: Genosys, The NYC Downlow and The London Underground.

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glastonbury nightlife-unfairground

Best way to describe this area is probably a nightmare party at the end of the world (in a good way)! A broken, psychedelic circus and horror go-go show beyond your darkest dreams.

This is where you will find Bez’s Acid House. Seems like year after year Bez and his boys mash it up with the smoke and the strobes taking us back to the days when the eyes rolled, the white gloves stacked shelves and the acid flowed like water. Always a stunning line up that only Bez could put together. And a vast network of fist pumping DJ’s from 89-93 will be dropping the chunes from 12-6am.

The Common

Glastonbury nightlife-The-common

The Common – an entire world that embodies the true spirit of Glastonbury nightlife. Tribal temples and dark caves, incredible, diverse live music, ritualistic paint throwing, tomato fights, a Celtic Festival of the Dead, and a jaw-dropping waterfall.


glastonbury Nightlife -arcadia

Arcadia fuse groundbreaking spectacle, cutting edge technology, sculpture, engineering, architecture, adrenaline and bass into vivid sensory experiences.

Transforming recycled military and industrial hardware into dynamic sculptures and electrifying environments.  Arcadia bring together audiences of all ages, backgrounds, creeds and colours to forge new communities on a wave of wonder.

The Beat Hotel

Finally comes The Beat hotel where the clocks stop and the good times roll until the early hours. Food, booze and DJ’s! Right next to the pyramid stage.

Glastonbury nightlife-the beat hotel


This is all I have for now regarding Glastonbury nightlife. Will update you guys about bars, camping and other things that you can do at Glastonbury Festival next time.


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