Glastonbury festival 1970

Hippie ethics and the free festival movement in the early 1970s  heavily influenced Glastonbury. At the age of 19, Michael Eavis decided to host his own festival after visiting the Bath Blues Festival in 1969.And finally on Saturday 19 September 1970 the very first Glastonbury festival was hosted at Worthy Farm then known as  Pilton Pop, Blues & Folk Festival.

  • Acts included: Marc Bolan, Keith Christmas, Stackridge, Al Stewart, Quintessence
  • Attendant : 1500
  • Tickets : £1 including free milk from the farms.

 Glastonbury festival 1971 (The First Pyramid Stage)

A year later Andrew Kerr and Arabella Churchill, granddaughter of the wartime prime minister, rented the farm off Eavis to stage a free festival.The Festival moved to the time of the Summer Solstice and was known as the “Glastonbury Fair”. And this year when the first “pyramid” stage was constructed out of scaffolding and expanded metal covered with plastic sheeting, built on a site above the Glastonbury-Stonehenge ley line.

  • Acts included: Hawkwind, Traffic, Melanie, David Bowie, Joan Baez, Fairport Convention and Quintessence.
  • Attendant : nearly 12000
  • Tickets : Free

Glastonbury festival 1978 (The Impromptu Festival)

The 1971 Glastonbury festival might have been the last if it wasn’t for the local police who diverted a convoy of travelers to Worthy Farm heading from Stonehenge to Glastonbury. Finally a free mini Festival did take place, after persuasive discussion between Michael Eavis and the local authorities. An informal festival in poor weather began with the help of Andrew Kerr who helped in locating a portable stage. Legend has it that the stage was powered by a 13-amp cable plugged into a coin-operated meter in Kerr’s caravan.

Attendant : 500

Tickets : Free

Glastonbury Festival 1979

Bill Harkin, Arabella Churchill, Michael Eavis organized the festival with the theme of  “the year of the child”. Despite the numbers attending, the organizers suffered a huge financial loss and no one wanted to risk another festival in 1980.

  • Dates – 21-23  June
  • Headliners – Tim Blake , Peter Gabriel
  • Attendant – 12,000
  • Tickets – £5<

Glastonbury Festival 1981

Michael Eavis controlled  the festival and organized it in conjunction with the Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament (CND). And also constructed A new permanent Pyramid Stage from telegraph poles and metal sheets.

  • Dates – 19-21  June
  • Headliners – Hawkwind , New Order
  • Acts included – New Order, Hawkwind, Taj Mahal, Aswad, Gordon Giltrap.
  • Attendant – 18,000
  • Tickets – £8

Glastonbury festival 1982

Again with involvement of CND  and Western Region CND controlled the entrance gates and Mid Somerset CND took charge of all the information.1982 was the muddy year with lots of bad weather. Year of the first laser show backed by Tubeway Army’s “Are friends electric?”.

  • Dates – 18-20  June
  • Headliners – Van Morrison · Jackson Browne
  • Acts included -Van Morrison, Judie Tzuke, Jackson Browne, Roy Harper, Richie Havens. (U2 were on the poster, but didn’t play.)
  • Attendant – 25,000
  • Tickets – £8

Glastonbury Festival 1983

Since 1983, large festivals needed licenses from local authorities. This leads to certain restrictions placed on the festival, such as crowd limit, specific timings for stages to operate. The initial crowd limit was 30,000 but numbers keeps on increasing over the years to over 100,000.

  • Dates – 17-19  June
  • Headliners – Curtis Mayfield , UB40
  • Acts included: Marillon, The Beat, UB40, Curtis Mayfield, King Sunny Ade.
  • Attendant – 30,000
  • Tickets – £12

Glastonbury festival 1984

For the first time specific parking areas were designated with stewards employed to direct the traffic. Raise £60,000 for CND and other charities.

  • Dates – 20-22  June
  • Headliners – The Smiths,  Weather Report, Black Uhuru
  • Acts included: The Waterboys, The Smiths, Elvis Costello, Joan Baez and Ian Drury.
  • Attendant – 35,000
  • Tickets – £13

Glastonbury festival 1985

The festival grew too large for the Worthy Farm. Therefore organizer’s purchase neighboring Cockmil farm  to enlarge the site further by 100 acres. Raise £100,000 for CND and local charities.

  • Dates – 21-23  June
  • Headliners -Echo & The Bunnymen, Joe Cocker, The Boomtown Rats
  • Attendant – 40,000
  • Tickets – £16

Glastonbury festival 1986

The Theater and Children’s Areas moved to new homes. Introduction of The first Classical music tent and the relocation of market areas from the top of the site took place in this year. Raise £130,000 for CND and local Charities.

  • Dates – 20-22  June
  • Headliners – The Cure, Psychedelic Furs,  Level 42
  • Attendant – 60,000
  • Tickets – £17

Glastonbury festival 1987

The organizer’s introduced The Womad stage to the festival. Raise £130,000 for CND and local Charities.

  • Dates – 19-21  June
  • Headliners – Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, The Communards
  • Attendant – 60,000
  • Tickets – £21

Glastonbury festival 1989

Once again there were complications with local council over the granting of the Festival license. The Police were bought into the organization and planning of the Festival for the first time. Raise £100,000  for CND. Suzanne Vega appeared in the fest despite a prior death threat.

  • Dates – 16-18  June
  • Headliners – Elvis Costello, Van Morrison, Suzanne Vega
  • Attendant – 65,000
  • Tickets – £28

Glastonbury festival 1990

The festival took the of the Glastonbury Festival for Contemporary Performing Arts. The festival ended with a confrontation between the security teams and the traveler’s who were looting the emptying festival. Leads to 235 arrests and £50,000 worth of damage to property and hired plant. Donated £100,000  to CND and other local charities.

  • Dates – 22-24  June
  • Headliners – The Cure, Happy Mondays, Sinéad O’Connor
  • Attendant – 70,000
  • Tickets – £38

Glastonbury festival 1992

After 1990’s incident organizer’s gave festival a break and an expanded festival returned in 1992. The festival was linked with National Music Day and Tom Jones appeared as surprise guest. Donated £250,000 to Greenpeace, Oxfam and other local charities.

  • Dates – 26-28  June
  • Headliners – Carter USM, Shakespear’s Sister, Youssou N’Dour
  • Attendant – 70,000
  • Tickets – £49

Glastonbury festival 1993

Just like the previous year 1993 festival was huge success. Tickets were sold out by mid June. Donated more than £250,000 for Greenpeace, Oxfam and many local charities out of profits.

  • Dates – 25-27  June
  • Headliners – The Black Crowes,  Christy Moore, Lenny Kravitz(replaced Red Hot Chili Peppers)
  • Attendant – 80,000
  • Tickets – £58