Glastonbury Area and Stages

At Glastonbury there can be something for everyone with 60 or so venues.

In many ways, Glastonbury is like loads of different festivals converging on the same gorgeous countryside for the weekend. Each Glastonbury area has its own character, its own loyal fans and its own special attractions.

Pyramid Stage

Pyramid stage is the Glastonbury area where you’re going to see the highest profile acts on the bill. The acts that cost the festival the most money! It can host crowds of anything from 10,000 to 100,000. Its the stage that gets the most media coverage. There are a lot of iconic headline performances.

Glastonbury area
This Glastonbury area led to quite a line-up, featuring The Rolling Stones, Radiohead, Oasis, Jay-Z, Franz Ferdinand, U2, The Prodigy, Joan Baez, Pulp, Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Shakira, Johnny Cash, Gorillaz, Dizzee Rascal, Paul Weller, Peter Gabriel, Van Morrisson, Sinead O’Conner, Bjork, PJ Harvey, English National Opera, REM, Coldplay, Robbie Williams, Beyonce, Willie Nelson, Metallica, Lily Allen, Bruce Springsteen, Pet Shop Boys, Black Eyed Peas, Morrissey, Paul McCartney, Scissor Sisters, Tony Bennet, Roger Water’s Pink Floyd, Kings of Leon, The Reverand Al Greene, Rod Stewart, Jimmy Cliff, Dolly Parton, David Bowie, White Stripes, Dame Shirley Bassey, Arctic Monkeys, The Who, Brian Wilson and many many more.

The Other Stage

Next comes The Other stage of the Glastonbury area which is around the back of the Pyramid stage and a good place to see more big name artists. This stage offers an alternative to Pyramid acts that may not float your boat. Acts that clash on these two stages tend to be from two different genres/music tastes.

glastonbury area


John Peel Stage

The John Peel stage has always been Glastonbury festival’s home to fiery new music. This is the place where under-the-radar acts repeatedly transform this huge tent of stage into the spine-tingling setting of an intimate club.

Formerly known as the New Bands Tent and the late. In 2004 organizer’s decided to rename it in honor of the great DJ and festival friend, John Peel.

glastonbury area - The John Peel Stage

John Peel stage has it’s fair share of performers like London Grammar and George Ezra in 2014. While Everything and Phoenix, Daughter and Tom Odell in 2013. And in 2015 Suede, Years And Years, Slaves and Jessie Ware gave their amazing performance.

With other historic performances from the likes of The XX, The Black Keys, Wild Beasts, Cribbs, The Kills, Hot Chip, and Calvin Harris, the John Peel Stage has proved legendary.

West Holts

glastonbury area- West Holts

Over the decades the Marquee Stage evolved into the Second Stage, the World Stage, One World and the Jazz World, before becoming today’s West Holts.

The West Holts stage of The Glastonbury area has an amazing bill of “global future roots music”. Living legends share the bill with cutting-edge newcomers. From afro grooves to hip hop, reggae to techno, this is the stage for people who know that bass is the place.

The Park

Next to the list of Glastonbury area comes The Park. The Park is on the south west tip of the site and is like a festival in itself with open air stages, late night bars and cafes, tee pee villages, art installations and an illuminated 17 metre Ribbon Tower that looks out over the entire Festival site.

Glastonbury area- the park

The Park is a must! If non of the park line up tickles your fancy make sure to go on the Thursday before the main music days start. The Park is great for late night fun. From the Silent Disco to one of Glastonbury’s best-kept secrets – The Rabbit Hole.

Acoustic Field

The Acoustic Field is dominated by the Acoustic Stage. It’s situated in Norman’s Close – the field next to the Kidz field. As the name implies, it’s the place to hear unplugged sounds with a chilled out vibe. You can catch a number of performances from a host of top names, as well as some niche acts.

glastonbury area- Acoustic field

William’s Green

glastonbury area- williams green

Williams’s Green is just a great place sit, take a moment and watch the world go by, all the while enjoying the “Glastonbury Vibe”. Think of a classic English village green and you won’t be far from the look and feel of William’s Green. At the center stands a 16 meter totem pole with signs pointing to every little venue on the Festival site, topped with a William’s Green weather vane.

glastonbury area-williams green totem pole

Despite main acts not scheduled until the Friday, warm up events over the course of the first two days take place across the site. William’s Green has a launch party with high energy sets from bands that play the festival later that weekend.

You can also enjoy locally produced food from the various vendors forming an arc around the green.

The Green Fields

green field

The Green Fields, which occupy the highest ground and overlook the rest of the festival, are a joyous celebration of life.

green field


This is also where you will find The Tipi Field. The Tipi’s have established themselves as part of the annual landscape at Worthy Farm. The best way to connect with Glastonbury’s ancient tribal history. Venture inside one of the warm, cosy structures and you could find a campfire, a makeshift bakery, a tiny tipi raves, or even a seedy sauna.

tippi field glastonbury

Theater and Circus

With 3 beautiful fields, 11 jam packed stages and nearly 400 acts on offer. You’re guaranteed to find things that’ll drop your jaw to the floor, put a song in your heart and set your pulse racing faster than a Formula One car.

The T&C fields are away from the main stages and they are situated on some of the most historic and beautiful farmland in Somerset. The variety of acts on offer is simply amazing, ranging from hilarious comedy to drama, thought provoking to breathtaking stunts: you can interact with others or just sit and watch.

Left Field

Right bang in the middle of the site, on the road between The Other Stage and West Holts is where you will find Left Field. Debates, comedy, music, radical ideas, songwriting sessions and plenty of audience participation. At Left Field you will find some of the original ethos of Glastonbury, bringing together activists and artists who strive to articulate that better world through argument and song.


By the Joe Strummer memory stone in the UnfairGround, The Strummerville campfire continues the legacy of Joe Strummers’ campfire community at Glastonbury where people can come to drink, talk and laugh with some like-minded individuals.

The Crows Nest

Situated at the top of the festival site, The Crows Nest doesn’t seem like much – just an unsuspecting tent that looks out from on top of a very tall hill – but over the weekend, it becomes home to some of the best and most intimate performances on site. It’s the perfect chance for fans to get cosy with indie stars.


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