FAQ About 2017 Ticket Resale

As announced earlier this month, the resale of cancelled/refunded tickets will take place on Thur, 20th April (coach + ticket packages) and Sun, 23rd April (standard tickets). Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ) about 2017 ticket resale.

What is the Ticket Resale ?

Following their balance payment window, Glastonbury organizer’s will be selling a limited number tickets, for which the balance was not settled. These will consist of general admission tickets and coach + ticket Packages.

When is the 2017 Ticket Resale?

The resale of returned coach packages will take place at 6pm (BST) on Thursday 20th April.

The resale of returned general admission tickets will take place at 9am (BST) on Sunday 23rd April.

Where can I buy a Ticket ?

The 2017 ticket resale will only be available at glastonbury.seetickets.com.

How much do Tickets Cost ?

Tickets cost £238 + £5 booking per person. Secure delivery of general admission tickets is charged at £7.75 postage per order. (Coach package e-Ticket delivery is £1.50 per order.) One can purchase UK Tickets with a UK debit card or Visa or MasterCard credit cards. And you can buy International Tickets by Visa Credit Card or MasterCard Credit Card.

How many tickets can I buy in the Resale ?

In the general admission resale on 23rd April you may purchase up to 4 tickets per transaction – but remember that you can only book one ticket per registration. So if you plan to book for a group of four friends, you will need all their registration numbers and registered postcodes.

How many tickets will be in the Resale ?

Just like every year, the exact number of tickets in the 2017 Tickets Resale is not confirmed. But a limited number of tickets are available.

Please Note, As it’s likely that people will be attempting to buy these very limited packages at the same time, it may be that someone else manages to complete the purchase before you do. Therefore as long as you haven’t completed payment transaction successfully, your purchase is incomplete.

Do I need to pay the full balance in the 2017 ticket resale, or can I just pay a deposit ?

Since the deposit scheme for 2017 is now closed. You have to pay in full to buy in resales at the time of booking.

Do I have to Register for the Resale ?

Yes. Registration is must for everyone for whom you are booking.

There is no need to re-register, if you have already registered, you can simply use your existing registration number. We advise you check your details online prior to registration closing, in case you need to provide any new details.

Registration closed at 5pm BST on April 18th, and will not reopen until after the 2017 ticket resale.

If I book a coach package do i have to travel on the coach?

Yes. For coach packages you will only be sent your coach tickets in advance – your Festival entry tickets will be handed out on the coach.

Travel on your chosen coach is mandatory. Please do not book a coach package unless you are certain you will be able to travel on the coach you have selected.

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What if the coach package i want is no longer available?

We would strongly advise you only book a coach package which it is feasible for you to travel on, as bookings cannot be transferred, and your Festival tickets will be reliant on you traveling on the correct coach.

Can I Book coach packages from different destinations at the same time ?

No, you can only book coach packages from one destination in one transaction.

Can I book a coach seat for my child or deaf and disabled PA to travel with me if they don’t have a Festival Ticket?

All passengers including children aged 12 and under, and Personal Assistants allocated tickets under the Disabled PA scheme, must purchase a valid coach ticket in order to travel. If you are travelling with children aged 12 or under, who do not require an entry ticket for the festival, or a PA allocated tickets by the Disabled Access Coordinator you will need to contact coachtravel@seetickets.com upon completing your booking in order to enquire about additional coach seats (NB: standard fares apply). Please note Coach Seats are now severely limited, and See cannot guarantee there will be any availability on your coach. See Tickets also cannot guarantee all coaches will have wheelchair access and storage facilities. If you require wheelchair access or wheelchair storage you must contact coachtravel@seetickets.com no later than 30 days prior to departure to ensure the appropriate facilities can be provided.

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